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23 Mar 2018 - Tea Tree Oil is a safe and well-established natural ingredient

A recent presentation at ENDO2018 purported a causal link between Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil to a condition in young boys called gynecomastia. More »»

22 Mar 2018 - ATTIA Refutes new gynecomastia links

A recent study by Ramsey et al looked at the impact of 8 chemicals on cells in a petri dish, this raises many questions. More »»

04 Dec 2017 - TTO goes Royal

Meghan Markle reveals the ONE go-to remedy in her medical cabinet she calls her 'cure-all' More »»

26 Aug 2017 - Botanical Adulterants Bulletin on Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia and M. linariifolia) Oil

The American Botanical Council (ABC) has released a Botanical Adulterants Bulletin on TTO. More »»


RIRDC Rural Diversity Magazine Winter 2016 Article Date: 08 Aug 2016

diversity_winter_160713(FA)webres-1.jpg RIRDC has released its Winter 2016 "Rural Diversity" magazine which features the tea tree industry

Each edition covers a range of stories that span the variety of R&D programs managed by the Corporation. The magazine is free to download as a PDF from the RIRDC website here:


 R&D key for Tea Tree Industry

Building on a strong history of development through research, Australian tea tree oil producers will vote in August on a proposal to implement a compulsory levy to secure research funding for future industry growth.
The proposed levy would initially be set at 25 cents per kilogram, with funds of up to $125,000 matched by the Australian Government, meeting a commitment in its Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper.
If the vote succeeds and Federal Parliament passes the legislation, the levy would be introduced from July 2017.


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